Saturday, 3 November 2012

What's Mo Name?

ScienceGrrl is supporting Team Mos For Science! in their bid to turn their upper lips into luxurious forests of manly growth, the likes of which seen only on Ron Burgundy and our lovely photographer, Greg Funnell. The team includes our Mr March, Adam Rutherford, whose day two stubble is impressive, most impressive.

Please donate to the team and help raise money for prostate cancer research, awareness, education and "survivorship".

To get you in the mood, have a go at the quiz below, created by our producer Louise for the Science Question Time Christmas quiz last year. Can you guess the scientist from his moustache? Email your answers to The person (or people) with the highest number of correct answers will win a ScienceGrrl bag. And if we're particularly tickled by your answers, we might award you a special ScienceGrrl badge.


  1. Dear Science Girls,

    Numbers 8, 12 & 13 feature the stubble of men who have shaven top lips. This amount of hair does not a moustache make. Hope this helps.

    Science Boy.

  2. Come on then Paul - show us your Mo!