Saturday, 10 November 2012

Moving forward together

Here at ScienceGrrl things have got off to a great start - in under 4 months, we've produced a beautiful 2013 calendar, which is now available here at our shop, the Science Museum in London and - very soon - at the MOSI shop in Manchester.

As we've undertaken this project, we've gathered together a lively network of people passionate about encouraging more girls and young women to engage with science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) and supporting women in STEM careers. Nearly every day I receive e-mails from people who like what ScienceGrrl are doing and what we stand for, and want to get involved.

We want to make sure that this great start is translated into long term and sustained impact, and as such are beginning to develop an strategy which outlines what we will get up to in 2013 and beyond.

We want to hear what you think. What is our role, what makes ScienceGrrl different, and how we can we make the most difference? Please join in our short consultation survey and take a moment to answer a few questions here.

Your input will help inform our decision-making and is really valuable. If you're involved in a similar project, we'd particularly like to hear how we can partner with you and strengthen the good work that is already being done.

We're also holding consultation events in Manchester on the 17th of November and in London on Saturday the 24th of November to discuss our future direction. If you'd like to attend either of those, please e-mail us via our website, here.

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